Review: Until She Falls in Love 

Until She Falls in Love (彼女が恋に落ちるまで)

Author: Shichi shichi (七七)


Summary: Mia, who got betrayed by the fiance she waited for three years, died after saved a baby. Three years later, she got reborn as the little sister of the baby. Because of her past trauma, Miriaria doesn’t want to fall in love anymore, even with the Prince who has engagement with her or the former fiance around her. But the Prince, who like to dote that Miriaria, somehow want to get liked by her…?

This is one of web novels I found in syosetu. It’s a bit short, and has light plot. The best one is…it is already completed when I found this novel, haha😂😂.
As the description said, Miriaria/Mia get reincarnated into the younger sister of the baby she saved before she died. The baby’s family regards Mia as the hero of family, this is why when a baby girl born, she get nicknamed Mia for the Mia that saved her big brother three years before. The problem in story is not about her reincarnation, but about how Mia slowly began to open her heart again. The Prince as her fiance got frustrated as Mia always like to treat him like a kid, not as a man he is. Of course, the appearance of her former fiance (from her previous life) is not helping him…or maybe is. And finally, the prince will get what he wishes as Mia began to accept that she liked the Prince. (HE).